Providers with an Electronic Services Portal (ESP) account can view and download a copy of their W-2 Tax Form from their ESP account.

Effective 3/5/22, providers who had earned taxable income can log in to their account, select the year (2021), and view a copy of their W-2 Tax Form directly through the IHSS ESP at the W-2 Forms screen. Providers can now see a list of recipients they worked for and download a Portable Document Format (PDF) version of their 2021 W-2 Tax Form, which can be saved or printed at their convenience.

Viewing W-2 Tax Forms on the ESP does not change the way providers receive their original W-2 Tax Forms.

Due to a high volume and to minimize system performance impact, W-2 Tax Forms from the three prior years (2020, 2019, and 2018) will be loaded into the ESP on a flow basis. Beginning in mid-March 2022, the 2020 W-2 Tax Forms will be loaded into the ESP first, followed by Tax Year 2019, and then Tax Year 2018. All three years of W-2 Tax Forms, beginning with Tax Year 2020, are planned to be available for viewing on the ESP by mid-April 2022.