Client Corner

Please take the time to discuss the following rights and responsibilities with your provider so that there is a better understanding:

  • You are the employer of the in-home care provider for the purposes of hiring, directing the work in the home, and if necessary, firing the provider
  • You are to notify the Registry when your provider is no longer employed by you, or when you hire a new provider
  • You direct the work in the home and are responsible for explaining to the provider how the tasks are to be done
  • If the provider is injured on the job, both you and the provider are responsible for notifying the Public Authority
  • You should contact the Public Authority if you have problems that cannot be resolved with the provider
  • You are responsible for keeping your own record of the hours worked by the provider
  • By signing the provider’s time sheet at the end of each pay period, you are confirming that the provider is providing services
  • It is unlawful for you to refuse to hire a provider because of race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability

Never ask the provider to perform duties for other household members

  • Assist those who need care in their own homes to live with dignity and quality
  • Support in-home providers in caring for clients

Provide both you and your provider with committed, innovative, and excellent services

When you hire a provider through the Public Authority Registry, you know that the person has been pre-screened with your safety and needs in mind. Prior to sending you a list of provider, the Registry requires all providers to successfully complete several steps designed to ensure safety and competence. Each provider must:

  • Pass a State Department of Justice (DOJ) criminal background check
  • Pass reference checks completed by Public Authority staff
  • Complete a Registry Review designed to help them learn about the Public Authority and IHSS programs and the Do’s and Don’ts
  • Complete a CPR/First Aid class (if classes are available)
  • Providers are required to complete the new IHSS Enrollment process, which includes registering for BOUNDS system to complete an IHSS Orientation.

These steps are required for all Registry Providers and are important safeguards for you.

At the Registry, we work to match the IHSS client with pre-screened Providers. We can often assist you in finding Providers in your area by matching their availability and schedules with your needs. Additionally, the Registry staff can help you with resources that can assist you with your search for a Provider. Although the Registry staff is able to assist you, the consumer is the providers’ employer and have the responsibility for hiring, training, supervising, and – if needed – firing the providers.

​In order to join the Registry, all Consumers must already be in the IHSS program. If you are not already enrolled in the IHSS program, please call the San Bernardino County Intake Line at 1-877-800-4544. If you are already enrolled in the IHSS Program, please call 1-866-985-6322 (option 3) and inform the Public Authority staff you would like to apply to become a Consumer on the Registry and they will direct you to the appropriate Registry social worker.

The Registry is a Service that includes recruiting and screening IHSS Caregivers, maintaining a database of available caregivers, helping clients with Interview Assistance, and referring Registry Caregivers to IHSS Clients.

A computer program searches the database and generates a list of caregivers to be referred to clients according to location, personal care needs, work schedule and other job related preferences. The client interviews, hires and supervises the caregiver they choose. Registry Services and referral lists are free for all Individuals.

Services rendered to IHSS clients by Providers:

  • Preparing meals and feeding
  • Keeping the house clean
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Shopping and laundry
  • Assisting with personal care

In short, a provider can become a trusted and very important partner in allowing you to live independently in your own home.

Criminal Background investigation (CBI)

​The provider can fill out a Duplicate Request form which can be provided at their local IHSS/Public Authority office or can send a message in BOUNDS and ask for an update on their status.

​No. There are no refunds for fingerprints

No. There are no fee waivers for fingerprints. Every provider is responsible to pay for their prints.

No. Public Authority cannot give a definite answer as to whether the provider will get cleared or denied until the actual results come in from the DOJ.

​No. Only those who get denied under the Tier 2 are eligible for waivers. If denied under Tier 1, no waiver is allowed and the provider will not be eligible for the IHSS program nor be eligible for any payment from IHSS.

​The client must call to request the waiver themselves only after the provider’s background check has been denied as a Tier 2 by the Public Authority. Also, the client must be on “eligible” status with IHSS in order to start the waiver process.

The client/recipient will need to call Public Authority @ 1-866-985-6322 and press option #5

​No, the DOJ does not have a turnaround time, nor is there any way to expedite them from completing their process.

There is no turnaround time- it can take anywhere from a couple of days to months, especially if the provider has a record/convictions. However, if it has been more than 1 month since the provider was fingerprinted, they should contact both the agency where they were fingerprinted as well as the Public Authority for proper follow up.

​You can obtain a BOUNDS Registration packet which contains the Live Scan form, from your local IHSS or Public Authority office. Once registration is completed, you can find a list of suggested fingerprint locations in the BOUNDS system.

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You may contact your Adjustor or Intercare.

Paycheck Customer Service

You must request that taxes be withheld by completing a W-4 Form and submitting it to your Social Worker. The state will determine your eligibility to have taxes withheld ONLY after you make the request. Even if you do NOT have taxes withheld, you will still have to pay and file taxes at the end of the year on your IHSS wages. Providers must be active in the payroll system for 90 days or more.

This is an automatic deduction for you if your quarterly wages are over $750, UNLESS you are a child, parent or spouse of the recipient you work for.
If you are a child, parent or spouse of the recipient you work for, you MUST request participation in the SDI program by completing an Elective SDI Coverage form and submitting it to your Social Worker.
Call the EDD at 800-480-3287 for more information.

If you are over 18 and NOT providing care for your child or spouse this is an automatic deduction for wages you earn over $1500 a year to have access to Social Security and Medicare, if you become totally disabled or retire after the age of 62. Contact the Social Security office at 800-772-1213 for more information.

COPE is an Education Political Action Fund. Contact SEIU for more information at (877) 698-5829

You will pay a premium of $60 per month automatically deducted from your paycheck but will not have deductions for Dental. You will also be required to pay co-payments for many of the services you receive. For more information, please contact The Health Care Employees/Employer Dental and Medical Trust (888) 838-5370

For more information on your dental coverage please contact SEIU at (877) 698-5829.

The dues are calculated according to the hours you work. If you have specific questions regarding how the dues are applied, contact SEIU (877) 698-5829.

Provider Enrollment

If the client case shows an active provider and they are no longer working, the client will need to contact the IHSS social worker to terminate the active provider before we are able to add the new provider. If the client wishes to keep both providers, the client can submit an SOC 838 and assign hours to each provider.

Contact the client’s social worker for more information.

County staff can sometimes reject activities if something is incorrect or missing. Provider will need to log into BOUNDS and complete the needed requirements/activities.

When processing ICT packets with existing waivers, providers must fingerprint for the new county as the waiver will not transfer over to the new county. Call our CBI unit for any questions in regards to this. 1-866-985-6322 opt 5

Notices are auto generated by the system.  Be sure to contact your local IHSS office to ensure all activities are complete. Any completion of activities after the 90 day allotted time frame will result in the incompletion of the enrollment process. If this happens, the provider will be required to re-fingerprint and start the process all over.

Providers will only be eligible for retro pay 90 days prior to application submission unless noted/approved by the IHSS social worker. Be sure to contact the IHSS social worker for questions.

For ICT (Inter County Transfer) cases the providers information does not automatically transfer. Providers are encouraged to pick up an existing provider BOUNDS packet (IHSS PA 401 EP). All of the steps are listed and need to be completed before the provider is linked to the client.

Providers that are currently cleared in another county are not required to reprint in a new county for IHSS. The provider is only required to re-fingerprint if the provider is not eligible and/or a provider waiver is needed.

Yes, new IHSS providers are required to fingerprint for the IHSS program, as the DOJ does not share results with other agencies.

Timesheets will be sent to the provider within 30 business days from their last completed activity in BOUNDS.

Provider Health Benefits

Contact The Health Care Employees/Employer Dental and Medical Trust at:
• Via phone 888-838-5370
• Or email IHSS@DUBLINSURE.com
Contact Dublin Insurance in regards to membership or general plan info at 925-803-1880

By law, at the time of your termination of coverage you will receive an initial notification, which explains your rights for continued coverage, which you will have to pay for, under COBRA. You will have 60 days to elect coverage with no lapse in coverage.

Contact The Health Care Employees /Employer Dental and Medical Trust for more information about choosing a primary care physician:

Contact The Health Care Employees/Employer Dental and Medical Trust if your card is lost, missing or stolen:

No. The health benefit plan does not include dependents.

Providers will pay a premium of $60 per month automatically deducted from your paycheck. Deducted premium will only cover coverage provided by The Health Care Employees/Employer and Medical Trust.
Providers will be required to pay any co-payments for services provided.

​The Health Care Employees/Employer Dental and Medical Trust will administer health services and you can obtain care at a Kaiser Permanente facility or an authorized Blue Shield network.

Provider Registry

Submit an update form marked Fully Employed. You must be actively working with an IHSS client to qualify for this status. Once you are fully employed, an update is required every 3 months to remain in that status

Make sure we have your most up to date information.  You must update monthly to ensure you remain active on the registry. This may be done by submitting a registry update form either online https://hss.sbcounty.gov/pa_update/ or in person at your local IHSS office

You must ensure that you advise your client with at least 2 weeks notice. Update online or in person at your local IHSS PA office and contact your client’s Public Authority and IHSS Social Worker to report the last day and hours that you worked

Once your application review is complete, you must also complete all of the following:

  • Informational handbook review
  • Criminal background check
  • BOUNDS registration and activity completion
  • CPR/First Aid training (if classes are available)

Once you have completed the requirements, you will receive a notification letter from the Public Authority stating that you are “Available” to be referred to the IHSS clients as needed

You must complete an update form or go online to update your availability monthly or if there is an immediate change in your availability/information.  If you do not update monthly, you may be removed from the registry.

  • You must call your Registry and IHSS social worker once you are hired, fired or quit
  • You must maintain a current CPR/First Aid card (if classes are available)
  • Report any issues that arise while working with your client
  • Complete your BOUNDS registration and activities

Please note: The Public Authority does not authorize client hours.  Call the IHSS social worker if you have questions in regards to your clients hours.

Working as a Registry provider can offer:

  • The flexibility you may need in your work hours, such as full-time or part-time scheduling. (If you are a student, have young children or other responsibilities, this flexibility can be vital)
  • Eligibility of medical benefits are available if there are open spots.  Once you are hired and have the required hours worked, please call Dublin at 925-803-1880

Once you are added to the Registry, your name will be placed on a list and mailed to IHSS consumers who are looking to hire a provider. We maintain an active database of people needing assistance throughout San Bernardino County who prefer to hire a provider from our Registry. The consumers value the training and screening process, such as provider reference checks and criminal background checks

Although your paycheck comes from the State of California, the person you are providing the care to is your employer. This individual is responsible for hiring, training, supervising and – if need be – firing their Individual Provider. The IHSS Public Authority is the employer of record for purposes of negotiating wages and benefits.

You will make an important difference in people’s lives and while experience is not required, caring and a strong sense of responsibility are. As a provider, you can take pride in your skills, compassion and professionalism. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn new skills and gain experience in the care giving profession.

Go to your local IHSS office and ask for a Public Authority Registry application or you can request one by emailing us at IHSSPARegistry@hss.sbcounty.gov.

All Registry providers are required to complete the new IHSS Enrollment process which includes registering for BOUNDS system as well as undergo and pass a Department of Justice (DOJ) criminal background check.

The Public Authority Registry is a program that brings together people who need care in their own homes with those who want to provide that care. The Public Authority Registry can help put you in touch with individuals with disabilities and/or elderly Consumers who need help to live safe and independently in their homes. The Registry is a service that includes recruiting and pre-screening IHSS providers, helping clients with interview assistance and referring Registry providers to IHSS clients.  As a provider, you can help consumers in many important ways, including:

  • Preparing meals and feeding
  • Keeping the house clean
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Shopping and laundry
  • Assisting with personal care

In short, as a provider you can become a trusted and very important partner in allowing a consumer who hires you to live independently in his or her own home.

Provider Workers’ Compensation

Intercare will review and adjust your case and if they accept your claim you may be compensated for up to ¾ of your regular pay while you are medically unable to work.

You call the Public Authority and speak to the Workers Comp Clerk. This can be done in person or over the phone.

You have up to 48 hrs to report the claim to us.  Let me transfer you to that department.