Criminal Background investigation (CBI)

​The provider can fill out a Duplicate Request form which can be provided at their local IHSS/Public Authority office or can send a message in BOUNDS and ask for an update on their status.

​No. There are no refunds for fingerprints

No. There are no fee waivers for fingerprints. Every provider is responsible to pay for their prints.

No. Public Authority cannot give a definite answer as to whether the provider will get cleared or denied until the actual results come in from the DOJ.

​No. Only those who get denied under the Tier 2 are eligible for waivers. If denied under Tier 1, no waiver is allowed and the provider will not be eligible for the IHSS program nor be eligible for any payment from IHSS.

​The client must call to request the waiver themselves only after the provider’s background check has been denied as a Tier 2 by the Public Authority. Also, the client must be on “eligible” status with IHSS in order to start the waiver process.

The client/recipient will need to call Public Authority @ 1-866-985-6322 and press option #5

​No, the DOJ does not have a turnaround time, nor is there any way to expedite them from completing their process.

There is no turnaround time- it can take anywhere from a couple of days to months, especially if the provider has a record/convictions. However, if it has been more than 1 month since the provider was fingerprinted, they should contact both the agency where they were fingerprinted as well as the Public Authority for proper follow up.

​You can obtain a BOUNDS Registration packet which contains the Live Scan form, from your local IHSS or Public Authority office. Once registration is completed, you can find a list of suggested fingerprint locations in the BOUNDS system.