Provider Enrollment

If the client case shows an active provider and they are no longer working, the client will need to contact the IHSS social worker to terminate the active provider before we are able to add the new provider. If the client wishes to keep both providers, the client can submit an SOC 838 and assign hours to each provider.

Contact the client’s social worker for more information.

County staff can sometimes reject activities if something is incorrect or missing. Provider will need to log into BOUNDS and complete the needed requirements/activities.

When processing ICT packets with existing waivers, providers must fingerprint for the new county as the waiver will not transfer over to the new county. Call our CBI unit for any questions in regards to this. 1-866-985-6322 opt 5

Notices are auto generated by the system.  Be sure to contact your local IHSS office to ensure all activities are complete. Any completion of activities after the 90 day allotted time frame will result in the incompletion of the enrollment process. If this happens, the provider will be required to re-fingerprint and start the process all over.

Providers will only be eligible for retro pay 90 days prior to application submission unless noted/approved by the IHSS social worker. Be sure to contact the IHSS social worker for questions.

For ICT (Inter County Transfer) cases the providers information does not automatically transfer. Providers are encouraged to pick up an existing provider BOUNDS packet (IHSS PA 401 EP). All of the steps are listed and need to be completed before the provider is linked to the client.

Providers that are currently cleared in another county are not required to reprint in a new county for IHSS. The provider is only required to re-fingerprint if the provider is not eligible and/or a provider waiver is needed.

Yes, new IHSS providers are required to fingerprint for the IHSS program, as the DOJ does not share results with other agencies.

Timesheets will be sent to the provider within 30 business days from their last completed activity in BOUNDS.